Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Contoh Daily Activities

My daily activities

Dear Ms. Ria…
Hello, my name is Thalia. I’d like to tell you about my daily activities. In the morning, I always wake up at five o’clock. But my mother and my sister always wake up before me! They always wake up before five o’clock. And my father hmmm…. He often wake up after five o’clock or if he not tired he ussualy wake up at five o’clock same with me hihiJ

Okay next, after I wake up I take a bath, wudhu and after that I go to my bedroom to pray. And then, I go dining room to breakfast with my family, my favourite breakfast its fried rice or nasi uduk… hmmm its so yummy guys!.
I always go to school together with my sister, but often my sister it’s so slow when she take a bath, so I must wait her for long time. It’s so bored
While I wait my sister, sometimes I read or study for the lesson in the day.

After all is okey, I and my sister go to school at six o’clock. I school in Budhi Warman II Senior High School, and my sister school in 01 Primary School. I arrive at the school in half past seven.
I spend my day in the afternoon until evening in the school, and at 2 PM, I go back home. In the home, after arrive I changes my uniform and get my lunch, I verr like when my mother cook “pecel ayam” with hot sambal hahaha.

And then after I get mt lunch, I go to sleep until 5 pm and go to bathroom for take a bath. When I feel not lazy, sometimes I open my lesson book and do my homework. But, when I feel bored I just eat some snacks and play my lovely Blackberry.

In the 9 am, I go sleep……

Everyday I do it in my life, my someday will changes, I don’t know J thanks a lot to read and listen my daily activities.